Lump CrabmeatMarket
Broil/Fry it up in a crabcake, or use it for your favorite seafood stuffing. Fresh, not pasteurized or frozen. Always Maryland crabmeat when available.
Jumbo Lump CrabmeatMarket
Truly exquisite, you will not find better crabmeat anywhere. Numerous GIANT chunks of sweet fresh crabmeat. Always Maryland crabmeat when available.
Gift Certificates$1.00 / ea
Available in any amount
Snow Crab Clusters$16.99 / lb.
Frozen snow crab clusters from Alaska. Precooked, just need to be heated.
Soft Crabs$5.00 / ea
Usually available April-October. $5-$7 each depending on the size and availability. Live or cleaned.$7.00 / ea
Seaweed Salad$5.00 / ea
A half pound container with a nice sesame, ginger, soy flavor. Perfect for a side or with sushi tuna.
King Crab Legs$26.99 / lb.
Red king crab from Alaska. Steaming a few minutes is all they need.
Octopus 2lb package$20.00 / ea
From Spain and Portugal, around 2lbs each of cleaned small octopus. Boiling in a seasoned broth and finishing on a grill or hot skillet is the way to go. Ceviche and salads work well too.
Crawfish Tail Meat$20.00 / ea.
From LA, peeled and deveined with fat on. Dips, pasta, etoufee, gumbo, jambalaya.
Alligator$15.00 / ea
Alligator white tail meat in 1 lb packages.
Octopus (whole 2-4lbs)$9.99 / lb.
Whole Spanish octopus
Sturgeon Caviar$28.00 / ea
Great for a snack or appetizer. Eat it plain or with toast, eggs, crackers, or pasta. Use a mother of pearl or wooden spoon to serve this delicious salty treat.

Salt River Lobster

Bringing the freshest seafood to the DC/Bethesda area for over 25 years

We typically have the items below each week.  Prices are subject to change, and may be different (but typically not drastically so) than those listed here, but we try to keep up to date.

We also carry additional specials, depending on the season and market.  These might include wild Alaskan salmon,  soft shell crabs, shad & shad roe, moonfish, char, and others.


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