Smoked Products

Smoked Mussels$8.00 / 6 oz
Add a toothpick and you have an instant appetizer. Be sure to get two packs so you'll have some left for company.
Smoked Whitefish Salad$8.00 / 8 oz
Spread it on crackers, bagels, or vegetables. A best-seller.
Smoked Trout$8.00 / 5 oz
A whole, butterflied skinless trout, smoked and ready to eat or add to a dip.
Smoked Salmon$9.00 / 4 oz
Our 1/4 lb pack of thin-sliced salmon is perfect for two, or the whole family can help themselves to the 8 oz package.$16.00 / 8 oz.
Homemade Smoked Salmon Salad$8.00 / 8 oz
Our own recipe. Lightly seasoned salmon is hot smoked and made into a delicious dip with a hint of horseradish. Perfect for a snack or appetizer with club crackers.
Smoked Sable$10.00 / 3 oz
Pre-sliced black cod for bagels, crackers, or just eating as-is.

Salt River Lobster

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We typically have the items below each week.  Prices are subject to change, and may be different (but typically not drastically so) than those listed here, but we try to keep up to date.

We also carry additional specials, depending on the season and market.  These might include wild Alaskan salmon, shad & shad roe, moonfish, and others. We rotate our soups weekly. Send an email to to receive weekly market updates and find out what the soup of the week is!


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