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A photo of fresh, raw shrimp at Salt River Lobster's seafood market.

We carry our staple weekly offerings and additional specials, depending on the season and market location. Check out our weekly rotating soups!

We offer traditional seafood feast specials throughout the year to celebrate the holidays and various special occasions. Place your order and select your pick-up location today!

A photo of fresh tuna at Salt River Lobster's Seafood Market in Maryland.
A photo of mussels cooked following a New York Times Mussels in white wine recipe cooked and submitted by customer Jewel Addy.
Illustrated fishes in red, light blue, and dark blue on a white background printed, plastic tablecloth.

Check out the answers to Sunday’s trivia! See how your best guesses matched up.

Customers in line at the Salt River Lobster seafood market at the Kensington Farmer's Market in Kensington, Maryland.
Our Story

Salt River Lobster has been selling seafood in the greater Maryland area since 1982. That’s 40 years and counting! The man who founded Salt River Lobster is a genuine lobsterman from Boothbay, Maine. A friend of his working at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggested he bring lobsters down from Maine to sell to the community. He brought about a hundred pounds of fresh, live lobsters in his old pickup truck, and sold every single one within an hour.

A photo of the Salt River Lobster team selling fresh seafood at the Kensington Farmer's Market in Kensington, Maryland.