This Week at Salt River Lobster… 8/30

A photo of fresh live lobsters at Salt River Lobster's Seafood Market in Maryland.

We are expecting kanpachi (amberjack), Atlantic tripletail, red drum, local soft crabs, and wild Alaskan coho & king salmon.

We are also trying Catsmo smoked salmon.  They are 4 lb pre-sliced, cold-smoked sides of Scottish salmon that we can cut to order.  Check out their website for more details.  Kanpachi is a mild, sweet, firm white fish out of the Caribbean.  It can be used for sushi/crudo/ceviche or grilled/baked. Atlantic tripletail has a similar taste to red snapper or red grouper, but sweeter.  They are known to float on their sides pretending to be dead until a potential meal (small fish, shrimp, crabs) come along and then they strike quickly. 

Beyond the commonly known storage practices (temperature), there are a couple of other things to consider to elevate the seafood’s longevity and taste.  For oysters, clams, and mussels, store them on ice within a well-drained container.  Consider covering them with a damp cloth or paper towel to prevent dehydration.  When storing whole fish, keep them in the coldest part of your fridge and avoid stacking them which can result in bruising and texture changes.  For filleted fish, oxygen is the enemy. Vacuum sealing is the gold standard but if that is not an option, place plastic wrap directly against the fillet.  Also, avoid storing them near fruits and vegetables as certain produce items can release ethylene gas and degrade the fish quality faster.

We are looking for a first or second year high school student (or someone that can commit long term) to be a cashier in Kensington on Saturdays from about 8:30-1.  You would be responsible for accepting payments and answering general customer questions.  Let us know if you have any questions or are interested.

This week’s soup is clam chowder! We often carry additional specials, depending on the season and market.  Check out our website for details. Dry scallops, squid, local flounder, fresh Carolina shrimp, arctic char, marinated anchovies, and cod loins will be here.  Malpeque (PEI) and Rough Water (RI) oysters, as well as shucked pint jars, will be available.  

Pre-order your seafood! Tell us what you’d like and what day you would like to pick it up. Pick-up is available at either our Potomac (Thursday), Bethesda (Friday), Kensington (Saturday), or Baltimore (Sunday) locations.

Schedule your next visit to a Salt River Lobster seafood market! See our market hours and locations here.