This Week at Salt River Lobster…

A photo of fresh live lobsters at Salt River Lobster's Seafood Market in Maryland.
We are expecting first-of-the-season wild Copper River sockeye salmon, steelhead trout, red drum, jonah crab claws, and a limited amount of 6-8 count head-on shrimp.

We are also hoping for soft shell crabs, Alaskan halibut, and steamer clams.  Our smoked mussels will finally return this week.  Chesapeake Smokehouse, a local company here in Annapolis, hot smokes them for us and packages only the meat in half pound containers.

This year’s forecast predicts 53,000 wild kings will return to spawn on the Copper River, which is 15% above the 10-year average.  Researchers believe that around 30,000 fish are needed to be undisturbed in order to sustainably manage the population.  Sonar is used at the river’s mouth in order to count each fish.  On the flip side, a sustainable harvest of sockeye salmon is expected to be around 1 million fish.  This is one reason why sockeye salmon are much more affordable than the kings.  The wild salmon fishery management in Alaska is one of the best in the world.

If you have the lowest blue crab population in the history of the Chesapeake Bay, then it logically follows that you will have the smallest soft crab run ever.  In past years we would have them most weeks during the summer and up until September/October.  It seems that this year they will be much more sporadic due in part to invasive species like blue catfish and snakehead.

This week’s soup is clam chowder! We often carry additional specials, depending on the season and market.  Check out our website for details. Dry scallops, local flounder & rockfish, fresh Carolina shrimp, arctic char, marinated anchovies, caviar, and cod loins will be here.  Malpeque (PEI), Delaware Bay (NJ), and Salt Grass Point (PEI) oysters, as well as shucked pint jars, will be available.

Pre-order your seafood! Tell us what you’d like and what day you would like to pick it up. Pick-up is available at either our Potomac (Thursday), Bethesda (Friday), Kensington (Saturday), or Baltimore (Sunday) locations.

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