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Photo of containers holding jumbo lump crabmeat at the Salt River Lobster seafood market in Maryland.

Lump Crabmeat

Broil or fry it up in a crabcake, or use it for your favorite seafood stuffing. Fresh, not pasteurized, frozen, or previously frozen. Always Maryland crabmeat when available.

$40.00 per lb. pk.

Jumbo Lump Crabmeat

Truly exquisite, you will not find better crabmeat anywhere. Numerous GIANT chunks of sweet fresh crabmeat. Always Maryland crabmeat when available.

$55.00 per lb. pk.

Soft Crabs

Usually available April-October. $8-$10 each depending on the size and availability. Live or cleaned.

$8.00 each

$10.00 each

Seaweed Salad

A half-pound container with a nice sesame, ginger, and soy flavor. Perfect for a side or with sushi tuna.

$5.00 each

Snow Crab Clusters

Frozen snow crab clusters from Alaska. Pre-cooked, just need to be heated, usually steamed.

$21.99 per lb.

King Crab Legs

Red king crab from Alaska. Steaming for a few minutes is all they need.

$39.99 per lb.

Crawfish Tail Meat

From LA, peeled and deveined with fat on. Dips, pasta, étoufée, gumbo, jambalaya.

$20.00 each


Alligator white tail meat in 1 lb packages.

$20.00 each

Octopus (whole 2-4lbs)

Whole Mediterranean octopus usually from Spain or Portugal. Boiling in a seasoned broth and finishing on a hot grill or skillet is the way to go.

$11.99 per lb.

Sturgeon Caviar

Great for a snack or appetizer. Eat it plain or with toast, eggs, crackers, or pasta. Use a mother-of-pearl or wooden spoon to serve this delicious salty treat.

$35.00 each

Gift Certificates

Available in various amounts.

$5.00 – $500.00


White anchovies in a 7oz package. Great for pizza, toast, sauces, salads.

$10.00 each

Squid Ink

For use in rice, sauces, or homemade pasta. We also have a customer that uses it for a potato au gratin dish. The squid ink adds a nice salty, umami flavor and the kids love eating black potatoes and onions.

$33.00 each