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Homemade smoked fish salad at Salt River Lobster's seafood market in Maryland.

Smoked Mussels

Add a toothpick and you have an instant appetizer. Be sure to get two packs so you’ll have some left for company.

$12.00 per 8 oz.

Smoked Whitefish Salad

Spread it on crackers, bagels, or vegetables. A best-seller.

$8.00 per 8 oz.

Smoked Trout

A whole, butterflied skinless trout, smoked and ready to eat or add to a dip.

$8.00 per 5 oz.

Smoked Salmon

Our 1/4 lb pack of thin-sliced salmon is perfect for two, or the whole family can help themselves to the 8 oz package.

$9.00 per 4 oz.

$16.00 per 8 oz.

Homemade Smoked Salmon Salad

Our own recipe. Lightly seasoned salmon is hot-smoked and made into a delicious dip with a hint of horseradish. Perfect for a snack or appetizer with club crackers.

$8.00 per 8 oz.