Fish Menu

Salt River Lobster's fresh salmon fillets in a display case.

Chilean Sea Bass

You can bake, broil, or grill it. It’s simply delicious. The best part is that it still holds up and won’t dry out even if you cook it for a little too long.

$38.99 per lb.


Tilapia is quite versatile with its mild flavor and light, semi-firm texture. Sauté, bake, broil, or use for fish tacos.

$10.99 per lb.

Salmon Fillets Atlantic | Organic Norwegian | Ora King

Salmon is of course a popular choice, and is easy to cook. Poach, bake, grill, broil, sautee – any method, really. Wild Alaskan salmon available when in season. Lemon and dill, bourbon brown sugar, cajun seasoning, or teriyaki.

$18.99 per lb.

$24.99 per lb.

$28.99 per lb.

Swordfish Steaks

A favorite for the broiler or grill. Salt, pepper, butter, lemon.

$26.99 per lb.

Tuna Steaks

Blacken with Cajun spices, sear with soy, sesame, ginger. Top it raw with some wasabi sauce. Chop for tartare or poke. Our fresh tuna is excellent in any number of recipes. Do NOT overcook!

$29.99 per lb.

Cod Loin

Cod is a New England favorite. You can fry it, broil it, bake it, or put it in soups. Cod loin is a thicker, more uniform cut that will stand up to careful grilling.

$19.99 per lb.


Flounder is another versatile, mild, flakey white fish, which beautifully picks up the flavor of its topping, sauce, or marinade. Local when available.

$26.99 per lb.

Rainbow Trout

Our boneless rainbow trout fillets are 7-9oz. and best fried, grilled or baked.

$7.00 each


Nothing else tastes like squid. Whether sauteed, fried, stuffed, or part of your favorite soup or stew, squid is a welcome addition to any menu. Tubes and tentacles.

$13.99 per lb.

Artic Char

Arctic char is similar to both trout and salmon. A mild salmon flavor with the light and flaky consistency of a trout, bringing the best qualities to one fish.

$22.99 per lb.


Bronzini are European seabass, flown to us fresh from the Mediterranean Sea. It is a whole fish, scaled and gutted, with a fantastic flavor, usually stuffed then grilled or baked.

$13.99 per lb.


Usually wild out of Alaska from April – October. A high quality, firm, mild whitefish ideal for the grill.

$34.99 per lb.


Also known as striped bass. Sourced from the bay when available. It is another mild whitefish that can be grilled, broiled, or baked. Olive oil and Old Bay is all it needs.

$28.99 per lb.